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The Four Agreements And Addiction

December 18th, 2020 in by admin

If I have to name four betrayals that I usually do to myself, will they be? “The Four Agreements” is a book by best-selling author Don Miguel Ruiz. Popular and influential, this book says that the way people think and act has everything to do with the “agreements” they make with themselves. These agreements could also be described as belief systems or entrenched attitudes. While people drink or do drugs, their attitudes are often negative or selfish. The four agreements offer alternative life, thought and language opportunities that are more in line with a healthy and happy lifestyle. These are the four chords outlined by Don Miguel Ruiz: be with your word – the first agreement is on Derein, one of the hallmarks of drug and alcoholism. Dependence is sometimes accompanied by dishonesty, manipulation, omission and concealment. Being flawless with their own speech means they say what they want to say and they want to say what they say. This can increase an individual`s self-esteem and improve relationships with others who may have been damaged by an addiction. Take nothing personal — addiction can be isolating and fuel self-centered thoughts and feelings of guilt, shame or anger. The needs of loved ones may feel like an attack on well-being, and addicts may interpret their concerns as personal attacks.

In recovery, learning to feel your feelings and take responsibility for their behaviour can build self-confidence. Taking reactions, criticisms or concerns from others without reacting defensively helps people have better relationships with the people around them. Don`t make assumptions – It can be easy to make negative assumptions when a person is struggling with addiction. The use of drugs or alcohol can trigger a downward spiral in which they will disappoint people, feel bad and behave badly by guilt, shame, depression and anger. If their negative assumptions prove effective, they repeat them over and over again. This agreement encourages people to stop making assumptions and to open up to other possibilities. Listening to others and understanding their actions and motivations can replace the conundrum and foster more honest and productive interactions. Always do your best — living with integrity and having a healthy sense of self-esteem goes hand in hand.

Being able to say to themselves and the world, “I did my best” can help clients feel better and improve self-esteem. It can offer a healthy type of “high” and help people to rest and enjoy a clean and sober lifestyle. Honesty is a huge part of the recovery process. Often, people are overwhelmed in lying and deceit when they are in the throws of an addiction. We are pleased to see the four agreements as important confirmations that those who recover in desperation can cancel them. They are naturally based on the best-selling book “The Four Accords” by Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz, who is himself concerned with addiction. The first agreement emphasizes the meaning of our words and how they influence the world around us. This suggests that we must speak honestly and with integrity and never have to make false promises or statements.

Second, we must speak with love when we talk about others and ourselves. The words you use to speak to yourself create your belief system and the arrangements you have with yourself. If these are positive chords, it allows you to have more self-esteem. Avoid gossip. Instead, always use your word for truth and love. Your perception of reality determines the quality of your life in recovery from your time in an addiction recovery center. The 12 steps give you the opportunity to lead a clean and sober life by cleaning up the debris of your past and developing a relationship with a Higher Power to transport you through the roller coaster of life.

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