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Quinsigamond Community College Articulation Agreements

December 15th, 2020 in by admin

If you are a Becker student who is interested in any of the following agreements, please contact your dean to discuss your plans. No no. Articulation agreements are the most valuable in disciplines where differences of opinion may arise on sequencing or the conditions of certain courses. Formal agreements are less important for programs such as The Liberal Arts, which lead to many different academic disciplines. A articulation agreement is a formally approved agreement that corresponds to course work between higher education institutions. These are intended to help students move from a two-year university to a four-year institution or a four-year institution to obtain an advanced degree. Articulation agreements are formal contracts between QCC and four-year universities. In general, these agreements set requirements that lead to the admission and portability of QCC teachers. Studying the impact of the articulation agreement between WPI and Quinsigamond Community College “It`s already a super welcoming and supportive environment,” she says, and we`re putting our best foot forward to make transfer students jump comfortably into the WPI and WPI community plan and touch the ground under their feet.” Articulation agreements are formal contracts that combine the various QCC-Associate curricula with specific bachelor`s degrees at private universities (as well as some specific majors in public universities). Transmission without articulation agreement may be the preferred route for some majors (studio, BSN/health professionals, technical or scientific programs requiring course sequencing). It is important to confirm transfer options with transfer admission representatives in schools. You will find a complete list of agreements in the transfer agreements. Joint agreements are agreements between two (or more) universities or higher education institutions that qualify the guidelines for transfers from a particular academic program or diploma.

It is easy to be overwhelmed, but a joint agreement between the WPI and Quinsigamond Community College is taking an important step to allay these fears.

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