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New York State Section 218 Agreement

December 13th, 2020 in by admin

In 1991, social security became mandatory for civil servants and local authorities, unless they are members of a qualified public pension scheme (sometimes referred to as a “social security replacement plan” or “replacement plan”) or if they are covered by a Section 218 agreement. In other words, an employee of a local government who does not have an agreement under Section 218 must be covered by social security, unless the employee participates in a replacement plan. Pub. L. 98-21, Title I, No. 123 (b) (4), April 20, 1983, 97 Stat. 89, modified by pub. L. 99-514, No. 2, 22 Oct 1986, 100 Stat.

2095 , if: “For the purposes of subsection h) section 218 of the Social Security Act [42 U.S.C 418(h)] with respect to deposits in the social security funds of amounts, section 218) , as a credit under section 3510 of the 1986 Internal Income Code [formerly I.R.C 1954] [26 U. C 3510(d)] (with respect to remuneration paid in 1984) which is covered by an agreement under Article 218 of the Social Security Act) is treated as amounts received under such an agreement.” ” (B) would have been imposed in accordance with this section 203 if such an agreement or, if applicable, an amendment had been agreed on the date it came into force, 2. Notwithstanding other provisions of this section, an agreement reached pursuant to this section may be amended at any time after 1967, at the state`s choice, to exclude benefits provided in a class or other class of compensatory positions for which fees are exclusively provided. a worker is considered a “legitimate worker” for the purposes of a referendum on a pension plan if he was in a position covered by that scheme at the time of the referendum and if he was a member of such a system and if he was in a position as stipulated in clause (C) of the previous sentence at the time of the announcement of such a referendum; unless he is not considered an “authorized worker” if he was able, at the time of the referendum, to apply the state agreement or if he was in a position excluded by or in accordance with paragraph 5. No referendum on a pension plan is valid for the purposes of this paragraph, unless it is held within the two-year period that ends on the date of implementation of the agreement or amendment that extends the insurance scheme instituted by this sub-chapter to that pension scheme, and if a referendum on a pension plan is not valid for the purposes of this paragraph. , if it is held less than a year after the last referendum on this age scheme. Pension system. (b) At the request of the State, all categories or categories of positions that fall under a pension plan and may be excluded from the agreement under paragraph 3 or 5 of subsection (c) and for which the agreement does not already apply may be excluded from the agreement at the time of its application to that pension plan; unless, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 3, point B), of this subsection, this exclusion does not cover the services covered by paragraph 3 B. In the case of such an exclusion, any category in this category, which is excluded for the purposes of this subsection, constitutes a separate pension plan when an amendment to the agreement agreed at a later date is made. That`s not the case. (d) (6) (A) Pub.

L.86-778, No. 102 (c) (2), authorizes a state in which a pension plan covering the positions of state employees and the positions of employees of one or more state political divisions or the positions of workers in two or more political divisions of the state is not subdivided into separate pension plans to designate the plan for the purpose of insinuation.

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